GEMINI™ 100100

APPLICATIONS • High-threat facilities • Airports • Breakbulk air cargo • Mailrooms • Correctional facilities • Customs checkpoints Gemini systems, with their combination of transmission and Z Backscatter™ technology, provide enhanced detection over transmission-only systems.

Ground-breaking parcel inspection 
The ground breaking Gemini™ parcel X-ray inspection system from AS&E combines dual-energy transmission with patented Z Backscatter™ technology for the most comprehensive threat detection available for parcel, baggage, and mail screening. Gemini system’s unique capability to detect both metallic and non-metallic threats even in cluttered environments makes it an invaluable inspection tool for security officials.

Powerful combination of technologies
The power of the Gemini system lies in its ability to simultaneously detect both organic and inorganic materials with its combination of dual energy transmission and Z Backscatter X-rays two complementary, advanced, and commercially proven technologies. Together they provide the most information available about the contents of a parcel.


Gemini system’s dual-energy transmission X-rays generate a high resolution image in which metallic threats, such as guns and knives, are easily detected and fine details, such as tiny wires thatcould indicate an improvised explosive device, are discerned. Dual-energy transmission technology uses two X-ray energy levels to determine the “effective” atomic number of objects in the parcel and then colorizes the image based on material type.
Gemini system’s Z Backscatter X-rays generate an image in which organic materials such as sheet, bulk, and liquid explosives; narcotics; and plastic weapons are bright white. These items are  frequently missed in transmission-only systems.  Z Backscatter’s photo-like images facilitate image interpretation and reduce operator fatigue.


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